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Sometimes great success is not reflected in the perception others have of your business. You may know it, others may guess it. But making a statement about a business’ success, trajectory and maturity, is the leap needed to establish a permanent seat at the table.

Pro Sound & Video, a very successful audio/video integrator in business for over 40 years, has earned a stellar reputation. The Plaza Hotel in NYC, the Cardinals Stadium, are two of the many projects they’ve successfully delivered.

They hired us to conduct a full review of their brand. We immediately knew we had a case of the amazing tenor of whom very few people know can actaully sing. We gave shape to the brand and developed communication elements, putting front and center two key elements of the company’s philosophy: unbreakable work ethics and incessant pursuit of the highest standards.

Our work didn’t stop there. We continue to collaborate with Pro Sound & Video, developing and implementing all their marketing programs, even those outside of the digital realm.


April, 2017
Miami, FL


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A brand new responsive site that provides intuitive navigation on all devices, is easy to update by the company’s team, and showcases the magnitude of the projects Pro Sound & Video has delivered over the years.
Our collaboration with Pro Sound goes beyond the typical agency-client relationship. Our background on the enterprise side allows us to quickly understand what moves the needle.